SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION                                                               Rebecca Hope Leon  //  // @Rebeccahopemua


"I was THRILLED by the results."

“Rebecca did my makeup for my cousin’s wedding in California and it looked AMAZING! It was the perfect look for someone who was just a guest, but also a relative of the bride. She listened to everything I wanted, and when I saw myself after she finished, I was in awe with the finished product. The services she provided were astonishing, 10/10 would recommend!”


-Zara Baig, 16, Long Island

​"Most days my beauty routine ends at sunscreen, so I was nervous having my makeup done. But Rebecca listened to what I wanted, and I was THRILLED by the results. She clearly understood me and brought out the best in me. Oh, the relief of having liquid eyeliner applied by capable hands!"


-Jenny Rose, 21, Florida

"Rebecca is a wonderful artist. Not only did I love my finished look but working with her was an absolute pleasure. She was sensitive to my needs and always made sure I was comfortable. Rebecca took the time to explain the benefits of each product she used and gave me great tips that I could use at home, every day."

-Leah Marcowiczs, 28, NYC