When it comes to wearing blush or bronzer, after coating your applicator in the product, take some off on the back of your hand. Always start with less than you think you need, and if it's not enough, build up the color with extra layers. It's harder to remove product than it is to add more. 


If you do put on too much blush or bronzer, coat a clean brush with translucent powder (or your regular face powder that you use on a routine basis) and buff it over the troubled area to mute the color. Work on blending the color out so it looks more natural. 


 One of my favorite tips to incorporate into a makeover is some white shine in the inner corner of the eye. A great way to open up and brighten your eyes is to add either white eyeshadow, eyeliner or highlighter into this spot. 


Additionally, one of the latest trends we're seeing in beauty is white eyeliner. Applying a white or beige color to your water line can make your eyes appear bigger. 




Throw out your mascara every 3 months. Don't use it for longer than that. Many women tend to cling to their favorite mascara for months--maybe even a year, especially if it's a higher-end brand.


We've all been there...but trust me, it's better for you to get over your separation anxiety and buy a new tube. After 3 months, bacteria can develop inside the mascara and give you an eye infection! Gross. 

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