Rebecca Hope Leon recieved her Makeup Artist certification from Glam Lab Makeup Studios and has experience working as a Beauty Advisor for Lancome. She has applied makeup to a diverse set of clientele across New York and Los Angeles and has been hired for various large-scale events, including TV premieres, web series, weddings, photoshoots and more. Rebecca has worked with clients from several different backgrounds and is able to apply makeup in various styles according to different cultural needs and preferences.



I've always loved makeup ever since I was a little girl playing dress up in my mother's closet. Although I grew up, I never quite grew out of the passions I had as a child. I first became serious about pursuing a career in makeup when I was in college. I would do makeovers for my friends in exchange for candy bars (I may have gained a little weight freshman year, but that's neither here nor there)! To learn more, I watched makeup tutorials on YouTube and took a makeup course to learn the proper techniques. After that I was hooked! 

Since then I've been practicing makeup any which way I can. I feel most enthralled when a client looks in the mirror, and I can see the joy on their face. That's the best part of what I do.




My favorite thing about makeup is the way it can highlight a woman's best features and can be used to express her personality. Makeup truly is an art form and can help a woman feel confident and fierce! It's always fun to try different looks depending on the mood that strikes. However, my philosphy is generally to keep things as natural as possible. As a makeup artist, my commitment is to bring out the best in a woman—not to cover up 'the worst'.

That being said, client satisfaction is most important to me, which is why I work closely with my clients to create a vision together. Collaboration is key, but what my client wants always comes first.


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